About Us


Khue (according to Jack)

Khue Bui is a man of synthesizers, liberal college courses, and terrible puns. When I met him we were both sixteen, and his producing skills were impressive and colorful; since then he’s practiced his craft, and now he’s basically a producing wizard. In 2014 he released an album, Symmetry, which included some bad ass tracks like “Geronimo” and “Grendel.” In early 2015 he released an EP, Tunnel is a Good Map is a Good Title (which is probably the EP that made us both realize I should be the one to name all future SkyDive projects) and it’s also pretty damn good. Most recently, he released “Good Prisoner,” a vibrant EP with weird dance music and bass drops. When he’s not making music, he’s probably playing basketball or doing something Vietnamese, or maybe cuddling on the couch with his boyfriend. Khue’s a fan of rainbows, sandwiches, Stranger Things, and his niece and nephew, who are absolutely adorable. His favorite color changes every other minute, and in another life he was a turtle, probably. In this band he’s responsible for a lot of the instrumentation of our songs (pretty much all of it), as well as some backing vocals, most of our graphic design, producing (with my help), and probably a hundred other things that I’m forgetting because we both dabble in doing everything.


Jack (according to Khue)

Especially for a born-and-raised suburbs kid, Jack strikes me as someone with all the qualifications of a real artist. They sing, play guitar, bass and ukulele, and also knows their way around a piano and a drum kit, but what impresses me the most is their ability to pour their life and its many stories into their music. This passion for songwriting has always been front and center in Jack’s life, as you can probably see with their large collection of songs dating back all the way to their pre-teen years. The remaining hours of their life essentially revolve around Taylor Swift and Orphan Black, to both of which they owe their inspiration and success. A staggering number of their (and our) songs are about Taylor Swift. On the other hand, their numerous songs about TV shows and queer characters have earned them relative success and recognition within the nerd world and twitter sphere. Jack writes all of SkyDive’s lyrics and vocal melodies which, combined with our visual aesthetic, gives our collaboration its indie-rock attitude even when the music is primarily electronic.

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