November Shows 2016

Whooaaaa therrreeee. We weren’t expecting you so soon, oh golly we thought you were coming a little later; we woke up, like, ten minutes ago and we just got out of the shower (separate showers, mind you). Give us a second….

See, this is a new website; it’s pretty, don’t ya think? But alas, we’re used to putting our show flyers up on Facebook and Instagram, not so much here. Come december we’ll have a wicked cool Shows page, with lots of details about which bars and rooms we’ll be dancing in. For now, enjoy this block of text (and check out our Facebook page to see what shows we’re playing in November)😀


I’m making this update in December, but in case you’re curious here are the shows we played in November (flyers by the fabulous Khue) – Jenna